Action Bronson Shows Off Tattoo Collection With Intimate Full-Body Tour

The flesh of Bronsonlio is a canvas. The multi-talented rapper has brought many visions to life across his body, and today, he’s inviting fans to view them all in full glory.

“If you have only good tattoos, I don’t fuck with you,” says Bronson. “That means you’re mad new school, newbie with it, wet behind the ears. You have fresh skin.” He proceeds to drop a gem that few will likely follow. “Get a bad tattoo.” Those familiar with the brilliant mind of Bronson no doubt recognize the man’s abundance of ink. Most recently, you may recall him adorning his head with a full-blown tapestry. Now, teaming with GQ, Bronson is stripping down to showcase the extent of his collection. Behold, the tats rule over the kingdom in abundance. 

Like a true storyteller, Action starts from the beginning, explaining his first tattoo was his daughter’s name across his chest. “I didn’t go crazy until maybe four, five years ago.” He proceeds to co-sign a few of his favorite images, citing skulls, snakes, and eagles at the top. “Traditional tattoo imagery is something I really like…Something fucking biker about it, outlawish.” 

He also shows out an eclectic variety of gems, including “Creeper Wolf” and “Godzilla Vs. Barkley.” Peep the whole video for more Action Bronson than you may have ever seen before.