6 Things We Learned From Mo’Nique on The Breakfast Club

Mo’Nique is decades strong in the comedian game and has a strong following behind her, but when she called for the culture to boycott Netflix for lowballing her on a comedy special, she caught the wrath the Internet.

Today the Academy Award winning actress stopped by the Breakfast Club with her hubby on the line to clear shed light on the situation with Netflix and at the same time check Charlamagne Tha God for giving her Donkey The Day.

Here are the 6 things we learned from Mo’Nique on The Breakfast Club.

1. Netflix

Speaking on that lowball Netflix deal, Mo’Nique’s husband says that he and Netflix representatives were in the middle negotiating when the phone line got cut. Later on Netflix said they had allegedly sent an fer that Mo’Nique’s camp never received and they had passed the time limit in which to accept or decline. Netflix execs also said that somehow Amy Schumer had the resume for her payday that Mo’Nique did not.