50 Cent On "Get The Strap" Investigation: "NYPD Gonna F-ck Us All Up"

Despite barely ever dropping any music, 50 Cent remains one the most influential and relevant members  the hip-hop community. Putting his current fame into perspective, he has masterfully used social media to his advantage, marketing himself as a troll as he makes countless business deals behind the scenes. Undoubtedly an incredibly smart man, 50 sometimes has his foot in his mouth, saying things that will almost instantly get him in trouble. The most recent instance has to do with a current NYPD investigation on him, looking into his “threatening” “Get The Strap” catchphrase. While it’s likely that nothing will come the investigation, it’s caused Fiddy to realize that the NYPD is perhaps not the best to mess around with.

Noting last week that the entire situation is literally just some unnecessary noise over his hashtag, Fif was amazed to see media outlets still covering the story. Reposting a headline about him still “complaining” about the investigation, 50 responded by claiming that he should not even be involved in this mess. “Aww shit we in the paper again,” started the rapper, “Man l don’t have anything to do with the real issue. NYPD gonna fuck us all up.” The New York legend then make an astoundingly good point, saying, “we like get the strap,they like?we always got them.” Police ficers do, indeed, always have the strap, making it risky to mess with them.

As the story progresses, we will update you accordingly. The investigation is still ongoing regarding 50’s apparent “Get The Strap” threat.