2Pac Conspiracy Theory Revived: British Man Says He Helped Him Escape

Fans of many deceased legends typically maintain on to their idols so tightly that they refuse to imagine of their deaths. Fans of Tupac Shakur AKA 2Pac have additionally engaged on this emotion. Many theories about his being alive have survived many years. A well-liked one has been his alleged escape to the Caribbean. This specific take is being revived by a British man who claims to have been a part of the rapper’s exit technique.

Michael Nice says he was a member of a safety working for The Black Panthers Party throughout the 90s. According to Nice, when the group caught wind of a success being positioned on Tupac, they determined to defend the entertainer from hazard by getting him in a foreign country. He affirms that the rapper was injured throughout the Las Vegas taking pictures on September 7, 1996. Still, they managed to flee efficiently.

In a video, Michael Nice describes a part of his expertise and divulges his plans to recount the tales in a ebook.

Nice says the rationale he was chosen for the dangerous operation was because of his quasi-irrelevance.