It’s officially Savage Season. Last week, we got a Halloween drop from the Atlanta rapper –  . For four minutes, he comes for heads over a haunting Kid Hazel beat. The next day, was pleasantly surprised to realize that the song had shot to #3 on the Apple Music charts. To show his gratitude for the great reception, . We might have just received a taste of what it will sound like. 

, too. The first bars we hear, as he raps along in his car, is: “They keep talking that shit like I don’t got AK’s / Like whenever I see these motherf*ckers I won’t spray spray.” He’s clearly referencing the abundance of memes that surfaced when ICE detained him in February and his citizenship was called into question. When it was revealed that the rapper originally hailed from London, many people online came up with jokes about his closeted U.K. ways. , leave it to him to spin the situation to deliver more threats in his songs. Either way, it sounds fire.