10 Underrated Sophomore Rap Albums From the '90s

Often in life, things can look completely different to a person after some time has passed, and that could be for many reasons.

Maybe that person just lived a little more, and the added experience has changed the way he or she thinks. Or possibly, time has allowed that individual to step back, get a clearer mind and not overthink as much.

Having a lot time pass can also affect how you judge music, because in one year an album can fail to meet your expectations, and later on you can begin to appreciate it.

Throughout the years, there’s been a bevy hip-hop albums — especially from the ‘90s — that fall into that category, like Snoop Dogg’s 1996 Tha Doggfather LP.

At the time, many critics blew the release f and said it didn’t compare with the rapper’s classic debut Doggystyle, which might be true. But that doesn't mean it didn't have some stellar moments and shouldn't be re-visited.

Below we’ve listed 10 sophomore LPs that were seemingly underrated when they came out, mainly because the artist's debut was so solid or considered a straight up classic.