10 Things We Learned From Jay-Z’s David Letterman Interview

Jay-Z’s turn on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Netflix was efficiently dope. While a Hova diehard may have heard many familiar stories, there were plenty jewels to be mined from the insightful combo.

For those you for some odd reason not yet ready to step into the episode, we compiled some the finer moments from the interview.

Jigga and Letterman are masters their crafts—while both are admittedly flawed men—and it made for a great chat.

Here are 10 things we learned from Jay-Z, and David Letterman, too. Starting with…

Brick City

Yeah yeah, Jay-Z was a drug dealer. But even Letterman was shocked at the money he was bringing in as a teenager.

David Letterman: “At 16 you were bringing home $2000 a day?”

Jay-Z: “Yeah yeah.”

Letterman: “My God.”

Also, shout out to Spanish Jose. “It was everywhere. Everywhere in the neighborhood,” said Jay-Z about crack cocaine in the 80’s in NYC. “For me it was a guy, Spanish Jose, his family owned a bodega…”

The plug is real, as are statutes limitations.


Photo: Netflix