Lil Wayne Announces New Mobile Game Titled 'Sqvad Up' – hiphopearly

Lil Wayne Announces New Mobile Game Titled 'Sqvad Up' - hiphopearly

The mobile gaming industry is booming with millions and millions of dollars, so it was only a matter of time before rappers started figuring out how to get in on the investments. We’ve seen Meek Mill, Fetty Wap, The Game (his is coming soon), and now Lil Wayne leaping into our phones with games.

Weezy’s game, titled Sqvad Up, will take you into the world of skateboarding with a simple, arcade-throwback style. The full synopsis:

“Dodging obstacles and hazards, players will skate as far and as long as they can all while earning stylized, customized new gear and other upgrades. Inspired by Lil Wayne’s passion for both skating and drones, the game will feature airborne skating and grinds powered by drones. A socially integrated leader board and soon-to-be-announced promotions will offer players opportunities to compete for “money can’t buy” prizes.”

The soundtrack for the video game will be produced entirely by Hollygrove’s own Nesby Philps, who has done work with Curren$y, Juvenile, and others in the past.

In a press release, Wayne expressed his excitement for releasing the upcoming game and explained why skating is important to him. “I started skateboarding at 29, not just because I thought it looked cool, but also because I wanted to be able to inspire kids to get outside and play,” he says. “Skating is a perfect way for kids today to stay out of trouble and be positive and active.”

Sqvad Up will be available on Google Play and the Apple store on June 10.

Lil Wayne Announces New Mobile Game Titled 'Sqvad Up' - hiphopearly

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