Killer Mike Has Political Plans When Rap Career Ends

It’s no secret that Killer Mike is one the sharpest minds in Hip-Hop and can hold court in any audience from the hood to the academic side things. The Run The Jewels rapper has hinted at running for public fice before and it appears he’s getting serious about those plans once he hangs up the microphone.

Mike was addressing a fan’s question regarding a woman being accosted at one his shows and what his actions would be should he witness it, not unlike Drake’s recent reaction in an Australian nightclub. Another fan chimed in asking if the Atlanta star would ever run for public fice, prompting a response Twitter.

“When I’m done rapping I’m Gonna run for school board,” Mike tweeted Thursday afternoon (Nov. 16). This confirms an earlier exchange Mike had in Washington, D.C. with reporters regarding his plans after the music ends.

With campaign experience under his belt working for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, it looks to be the smart move. Will Killer Mike for President be next? Who knows.

Photo: Instagram