Jordan Peele Says Cheeto Trump’s Golf Bro Tiger Woods Is In “The Sunken Place”

Jordan Peele referenced his hit film Get Out when word got out that Tiger Woods would be hitting the greens to play some rounds with President Donald Trump. The filmmaker said that the one-time golfing great was in the “sunken place” after images the Woods and Trump surfaced.

On Friday (Nov. 24), the Cheeto-In-Chief took to Twitter to announce his moves and plans to play a little golf with Woods. The Golf Channel picked up some images the outing, to which Peele caught wind in a tweet.

“Now you’re in the Sunken Place,” Peele said in a retweeted caption The Golf Channel’s Friday tweet.

While Woods has yet to make any comments about his outing with Trump, folks on Twitter had plenty to say about his sunken place designation. We’ve collected a bit the chatter for your viewing below and on the following pages.

Photo: WENN