Future Is Getting Sued Big By Rocko – hiphopearly

Future Is Getting Sued Big By Rocko - hiphopearly


Future could be spending a lot time in court in the future.

His ex Ciara already has a $15 million lawsuit for defamation out against him.

Now we learn that rapper and producer Rokco is suing him $10 million for breaching their contract.

Rocko says he discovered Future, and then signed him to a six album deal with his A1 Recordings.

Epic was to distribute the albums.  But Rocko claims Future cut a side deal with Epic that gave him big advances and cut Rocko out of the action.

Rocko argues he’s owed  25 percent on those advances, plus 20 percent of all of Future’s earnings on touring and merchandise.

It all adds up to over $10 million.

Now it’s up to the legal system to decide if Rocko’s claims have any validity.

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