From ‘Supa Dupa Fly’ to ‘Video Phone’: Hype Williams’ 20 Greatest Videos

From 'Supa Dupa Fly' to 'Video Phone': Hype Williams' 20 Greatest Videos
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Hype Williams is being honored for his innovation and impact tonight at VH1 Hip-Hop Honors: The 90s Game-Changers. Williams deserves a lot the credit for elevating the art music videos in hip-hop; with his colorful and kinetic visuals redefining the medium and reshaping some the most iconic artists in the game.

From his work with Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes, to his visuals for rock acts like No Doubt and Coldplay, Hype Williams became the gold standard. You can’t think the 1990s on MTV and not think about something Hype Williams directed.

To salute the legendary director, we ranked his best videos. So here they are, Hype Williams’ 20 Greatest Videos.