Editorial: It's Time For A DMX And Dr. Dre Album – hiphopearly

Editorial: It's Time For A DMX And Dr. Dre Album - hiphopearly


It’s 2016. And I want a DMX & Dr. Dre album. Some people probably will laugh at this idea, post mug shots of Darkman, or even skeleton Dr. Dre memes with the caption, “Waiting On Detox.”

It’s all good, I get the jokes and how the internet works.  But fa real, I want a DMX & Dr. Dre album!

The thought of those gruff realistic bars from DMX matched with Dre’s melodies, drums and strive for perfection is enough for me.

Real and “fan-made” Dre x X tracks also suggest the potential for some pretty dope music.

Fan-Made Song

DMX is the guy that Diddy wouldn’t sign because he sounded too rough. He struggled his whole life, and always pours his heart out on tracks.

He’s the perfect artist to get a chance with a virtuoso producer like Dre, who pulls the best out of people. Dre’s trained ear is second to none.  His melodies paint pictures and his work ethic is one of the best in the biz.

The 45 year-old DMX and 51 year-old Dre are in different places, career-wise.   That’s part of what makes them perfect collaborators. Get Eminem as a feature. Add Anderson .Paak., The LOX and sprinkle in some young, new talent. Wa-lah!

Could you imagine the outcome of locking DMX in a studio with Dr. Dre for 3 months?

What Dre did with “Compton” —  his production team, and his utilization of  established and upcoming artists is amazing. You may love his work, or just like his work, but I haven’t found many people who straight up, HATE Dr. Dre’s work.

There have been hints by Swizz Beatz that Dre produced a song (or more) on DMX’s new project.  So this adds to the anticipation of WHAT their sound will be? I anticipate us wanting more.

I am truly ultra proud of the steps my brother has been taking to greatness Some people think it’s easy to shake unfortunate situations but it’s not! I would love for all the fans to hit up @DMX and show him love for being focused, clean, & ready to earn back his crown Long live the Dog AKA my brother AKA the Great Love you for life!! RR 4 Life!! Let’s get ’em!!Album sounding nice king….. We’re just waiting on DRE & Kanye tracks to wrap up!!!!

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Would you like DMX & Dr. Dre to drop an album? If so, what would the title be and who would be the features, if any?

Editorial: It's Time For A DMX And Dr. Dre Album - hiphopearly

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