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Drake Reportedly Cancels All Meet & Greets For 'Summer Sixteen' Tour - hiphopearlyDrake had been offering his super fans $1000 “6 God Meet & Greet” packages for his upcoming Summer Sixteen tour.

For a grand, you were supposed to get a ticket located in the first five rows, a professionally taken individual photo with Drake, one 6 God candle, one 6 God incense holder, one 6 God custom disposable camera, one 6 God frame, one 6 God foam hand, set of Summer Sixteen pins, set of Summer Sixteen patches, Summer Sixteen car freshener, Summer Sixteen “floaty pen” and a Summer Sixteen bag.

Not it looks like you won’t be getting that photo. That’s because Drake is reportedly canceling all of his meet and greets due to “scheduling conflicts.” There is speculation he did so because he fears a repeat of the Christina Grimmie situation, in which the Voice star was murdered by a deranged “fan.”

It’s unclear what kind of discount those who purchased the ‘6 God Meet & Greet” package are getting.

Drake’s fans who did buy the package are very sad.

So I forked up a ton of $$$ to have the Meet & Greet with Drake to now find out he has canceled all of them…SMDH #Drake #SummerSixteenTour

— Ernesto Rojas (@RRojas879) June 21, 2016

My day is ruined,my month is ruined,my summer is ruined. @Drake how you gonna cancel my meet & greet. I am heartbroken. I am cryin @WordOnRd

— lvh™ (@LVH_xoxo) June 20, 2016

@Drake you just killed me!!!! Why did you cancel the meet & greet that I have been waiting MY WHOLE LIFE FOR???#IDon‘tKnowHowToGetOverThis

— Ellie Rangel (@EllieEllier) June 20, 2016

There’s more from where those came from, but you get the idea.

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