DJ Rob Swift & Mista Sinista Take Turntablism Back To Its Roots As Da Odd Couple

New York, NY – In the world turntablism, it doesn’t get much better than DJ Rob Swift and Mista Sinista. As members the legendary DJ collective the X-Ecutioners, Swift and Sinista established themselves as purveyors the culture alongside the late Roc Raida, DJ Precision, Total Eclipse and DJ Boogie Blind since getting started in the late ’80s.

After 14 years apart, Swift and Sinista have reemerged as a new super duo, Da Odd Couple.

“Rob and I haven’t worked on music together ever since 2004,” Sinista explains to HipHopDX. “After the group split up, we all had separate projects we were doing and kinda lost touch. Rob was working on his solo project, and also with Precision and Eclipse. They were traveling as Ill Insanity. Roc Raida was DJing for Busta Rhymes and I was doing scratches for other different artists, so we all kinda were into our own things.

“Me and Rob always had a great musical chemistry together as well as a long friendship, and we realized that our fans still wanted to see us together rocking with each other. So, we decided to get together and start creating out our love for the art without any expectation nothing but creating a great set. Here we are now by the grace God, doing a U.S. tour and a European tour soon.”

Swift, who also teaches the art turntablism at The New School in Manhattan, has a clear mission in mind.

“Sin and I realize that many so-called turntablists and battle DJs today are disconnected to the roots Hip Hop,” Swift adds. “Not us though. Our DJ pedigree is traceable back to the originators this art. And so one our goals in reuniting is to showcase DJing at it’s most authentic, purest form.

“We’re not just up there showing f how fast we can scratch. Instead, we formatted our DJ sets to come f like a Hip Hop mixtape being performed live. So whether you just want to stand in front the stage and watch us rock or dance to the music we’re manipulating, you’ll be entertained.”

Da Odd Couple played its first show on May 31 in New York City and will wrap up a summer run in Seattle on August 19. The duo will also perform as part the Art Rap Festival on July 14 in Aurora, Illinois.

Check out the tour dates below.

June 8 – Wappingers Falls, NY
June 24 – Jersey City, NJ
July 14 – Aurora, IL
July 19 – Philadelphia, PA
August 10 – Brooklyn, NY
August 18 – Portland, OR
August 19 – Seattle, WA