Diamond Mind

Edmonton outfit Diamond Mind recently signed to Calgary-based label Wyatt Records ahead of releasing their debut full-length album. Before further news on the project, the band have shared the self-titled single “Diamond Mind.”

The track is an incredibly catchy piece of pop rock featuring memorable melodies and active basslines, boding well for what’s to come from the band’s LP.

“We wrote Diamond Mind nearly five years ago,” the group’s Liam Trimble said in a statement. “It’s a march of self-aggrandizement, to be sung out loud in order to grow ‘one thousand, two hundred and fifteen feet tall’ when feeling far from it. It’s a lullaby score to a cubicle reverie, the imagination’s championing anthem, the daydreamer’s hymn.”

He continued: “It was the very first song we performed as a four-piece; every song we’ve written since has drawn upon the themes of this blueprint. When it came time to name our band, Diamond Mind was a perfect fit.”

Diamond Mind’s debut LP will be out in October. Take a listen to the record’s first single below.

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