Atmosphere Announces New Album, Shares "Ringo" Video

Atmosphere Announces New Album, Shares "Ringo" Video

It’s been two years since Atmosphere released their last album, but it appears that the duo is ready to release brand new music very soon. During a recent interview with local radio station The Current, the Minnesota natives revealed that they have a new album on the way titled Fishing Blues.

Atmosphere member Slug explained the meaning behind their new album titled. “All the songs are about fishing,” he said. “And I don’t mean literally about fishing, but all the songs are about trying to secure something; trying to find something; fishing for compliments; fishing for validation; fishing for food, love, money.”

Following the announcement of their new album, Atmosphere shared the lead single “Ringo.” The album’s first single is accompanied by a theater-themed video, helping to bring the lyrics to life.

Watch the video below.

Fishing Blues is due out on August 12 via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

View the full tracklist below.

1. “Like a Fire”
2. “Ringo”
3. “Besos”
4. “Pure Evil (ft. Ibe)”
5. “Perfect”
6. “Seismic Waves”
7. “Next To You (ft. deM atlaS)”
8. “The S**t That We’ve Been Through”
9. “When the Lights Go Out (ft. DOOM & Kool Keith)”
10. “No Biggie”
11. “Everything”
12. “Chasing New York (ft. Aesop Rock)”
13. “Sugar”
14. “Fishing Blues (ft. The Grouch)”
15. “Won’t Look Back (ft. Kim Manning)”
16. “Anybody That I’ve Known”
17. “Still Be Here”
18. “A Long Hello”

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