6 Best New Songs of the Week: Pusha-T, A$AP Rocky, J Balvin, James Blake

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Pusha-T, “The Story Adidon”
It’s too early to tell if “The Story Adidon” will go down as Pusha-T’s “Ether,” because he’s had so many contenders before it. But for now we can safely assume that every particle Drake’s body must be feeling extremely singed by it. “The Story Adidon” deals in truths, taking its beat from Jay-Z’s “The Story O.J.,” which aimed to do the same. Jay-Z’s version took on economic mobility and what happens when race determines your class. Somewhat similarly, Push’s is also a diatribe about money and race, only it singles out Drake for representing the worst ignorances black wealth. It’s an attempt to drag Drake through the streets for being so rich in everything but virtue that he would deny his own alleged son unless he could turn a prit from him, i.e. allegedly only claiming baby Adonis when it’s for his Adidas line.

It’s a venomous character assassination that’s blown many people away because the character in question is that a man. Men aren’t supposed to neglect their children. Men aren’t supposed to cast away the person who gave them their child. But men are rarely what they’re supposed to be, and Pusha-T will die before he lets Drake fool people into thinking he’s the exception. —Dee Lockett (@Dee_Lockett)